Happy 4th Birthday openstack

31 july

Openstack, who would of thought a collaboration project “ESSEX” or those who remember Pinnet project”. 4 years and can’t even believe there is now a global software community standing behind openstack. We are happy to say we didn't give up on the vision, and the long hours we all put on the contribution is what makes open stack today!

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public and private AUTOMATION

29 Aug

Cloud Automation is the first step to admitting its difficult to manage our enviroments (SOLO). Now having the right tools, cloud products and experts is ideal. Openstack dashboard native API or EC2 API is the extension to administrate our compute, storage and network resources. The community is looking for contributers and could you be the next dashboard source guru?

Posted by: ava

icehouse overview

05 Sept

openstack has released a its 9th release open source software for building public, private, community and hybrid clouds and allow a ecosystem tools to run different vendors hyervisors. With over 350 new features and best of all the enhancements on the source code attracts fortune companies to adapt, adopt and deploy. The best part is openstack committee has a board understanding on disciplines and best practices. Every release just gets better and better and we expect the next two releases to integrate plug-ins, centralization on patching and double its openstack production deployments.

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coming soon

Learn, Live, play in our LAB. Zimple OS is investing in a LAB that allows openstack community to play, test, break / fix. There is no hidden fees just a lab for us to have fun and build code. We take “donations” and all profits are consider non-profit and injected back to Zstack projeckt. We already contributed 2000 hours and funds that equal to two Lamborghini Aventadors. We sometimes laugh and joke that we should’ve taken the Lambos and put our logos and used them for markerting! No gas including, but I’m sure you can stir up a good batch of coffee!!!!

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Learn Zimple Os services

19 Sept

Our focus is providing professional services and training with a strong focus on Data Center Automation, Cloud Computing, and Networking. This includes programming solutions for Data Center Automation and Analytics, as well as Technical Documentation services.

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